Scale your capabilities with vetted, experienced legal & compliance professionals

A flexible extension
of your team

Immediately choose a temporary talent selected from a pool of legal & compliance experts. Simply ask for the required skill set and attitude to get the work done.

A temporary specialist can instantly staff high-level projects, resourcing gaps (e.g. parental leave or awaiting new hire) and workflow spikes (regulatory event, litigation, corporate re-structuring or due diligence). In contrast to a secondee of a traditional law firm, a temporary specialist offers in-house orientation and produces bespoke deliverables. This further offers the advantage to be generally allocated to the variable cost rather than on the (fixed) FTE budget.










All prices in CHF excl. VAT cost per day


Shift from a traditional employment model to liquid workforce and focus on the completion of deliverables. We provide a single point of contact, enabling you to access the expertise you need from our network of legal & compliance specialists. It’s all highly pragmatic and cost-efficient (30-40% cost saving compared to big law) and tailored precisely to your requirements. 

Our subject matter experts have a proven track record, which means they come into your business ready to pick up projects, work and team management.


We source our candidates from an extensive professional network backed by personal market experience. Leveraging the hybrid use of automated and fully technology-enabled backend processes alongside traditional referrals and sourcing we are able to deliver efficiently. 

Our personal talent evaluation process ensures you only to see exceptional candidates who are an ideal match for your organization.


What makes us unique


Experts are sourced through our professional network and fully vetted.


Candidates are presented within
72 hours to our clients.


All our rates are fully transparent, from the outset.


Benefit from 30-40% cost saving compared to big law.

Client Statements

Dr. Stephan Zilles | Head of Legal & Compliance | Deutsche Lufthansa

Lufthansa Group positions itself among the largest airlines in the world and we connect people, cultures and economies in a sustainable way. The Corporate Legal & Compliance department is thankful for Flex Suisse’s flexible and professional support whenever needed.

Natalia Shehadeh | Chief Integrity Officer | ABB

ABB, a leading global technology company that energizes the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive, sustainable future, is grateful to Flex Suisse for the high-quality compliance talent they sourced to join our team.

Hubert Gmünder | Group General Counsel | Avaloq

Avaloq, a global leader in digital banking solutions, core banking software and wealth management technology, appreciates the flexible and qualitative temporary legal and compliance support from Flex Suisse.

Daniel Strazzer | Head Compliance | Zürcher Kantonalbank

Flex Suisse is one of our company’s preferred service providers. We are highly satisfied with the service and use it mostly to bridge workload peaks.

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